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As the official must-listen podcast of AutoDrive Challenge, expect authentic, amusing conversations about all things related to AutoDrive Challenge. Hosts include SAE International staff, former competitors, volunteers, and organizers. Topics range from ruleset discussion to career advice and everything in between. This is the perfect podcast to listen to in the shop.

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  • Episode 11: What to Expect in the 2021 Season and Why to Register

    November 3rd, 2020  |  Season 2  |  30 mins 55 secs

    We talk about the changes for the 2021 season including what to expect from Knowledge and Validation events and how you can make the most out of connecting with sponsors and volunteers!

  • Episode 9: Intel V-Tune Profiler

    April 23rd, 2020  |  Season 2  |  12 mins 27 secs
    autodrive, coding, intel v-tune profiler, simulation

    We talk with Jeffrey Reinemann, Technical Consulting Engineer for Intel System Studio about V-Tune Profiler, it's advantages in the Autodrive space.

  • Mathworks MatLAB and Simulink

    February 7th, 2020  |  Season 2  |  23 mins 40 secs
    autodrive challenge, mathworks, matlab, sae international, simulink

    We talk with Lauren Tabolinsky, Sam Reinsel and Mark Corless join us from Mathworks to talk about MATLAB and Simulink and how those products are used in the automotive industry and in the Autodrive Challenge itself.

  • Site Host Spotlight: Transportation Research Center Inc.

    January 7th, 2020  |  Season 2  |  18 mins 53 secs

    We chat with Chris Heise and Andrew Mathers from Transportation Research Center Inc. who will be hosting Year 3 of Autodrive Challenge. We chat about the facility's history, the new SMART Center, career oppurtunities, and what people can expect when they arrive for this year's competition.

  • Why Should I Work For General Motors?

    December 16th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  22 mins 17 secs
    application, artificial intelligence, autodrive, computer engineers, detroit, engineering jobs, general motors, jobs, michigan, recruitment

    We chat with Nancy Martinelli from General Motors about what it's like to work for the company and how you can apply!

  • Introducing the SAE AeroConnect Challenge

    November 27th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  19 mins 20 secs

    Amanda Paciorkowski joins us to talk about the new SAE AeroConnect Challenge including its mission to create new connected aircraft solutions to help fight forest fires.